1. Helpdesk

Support is provided for the AIM Cloud Platform via a helpdesk solution to designated members of school staff. This can be accessed here (https://phinite.freshdesk.com/support/login).

2. Prioritisation of Issues

Issues reported to the helpdesk will be prioritised using these guidelines:

  • Urgent
    • Issues that affect a major piece of functionality within AIM. For example, all users are unable to sign in to AIM.
  • High
    • Issues that affect functionality used by many users or key areas for operation of the school.
    • Issues that do not have an operational work around.
  • Medium
    • Issues that affect functionality used infrequently or by a small number of users.
    • Issues that have an operational work around.
  • Low
    • Issues that are considered minor, this would include small layout issues, typographical errors and minor quality problems.

3. Response Times

Issues prioritised into each category carry the following target SLAs for resolution:

  • All - Initial triage response within 24 business hours.
  • Urgent - Fix released within 48 hours of triage response.
  • High - Fix released within 5 days of triage response.
  • Medium - Fix released within 30 days of triage response.
  • Low - Fix released in the next applicable release window.

NB: While every effort will be made to fix issues within these timescales, these cannot be guaranteed and will ultimately depend on the complexity and reach of any software issue.

4. Help Documentation

Comprehensive help documentation is already available for all AIM functionality, this is available to all users via the Help Menu. It can also be accessed at the following url:

Help Documentation Site